Know how to juggle?

Sorry I haven’t written a post in a little while. Since finishing work a few weeks ago, I thought that I would be blogging at least a couple of times a week but I didn’t stop to consider everything else that I have to do. I never realised I could juggle.

At the moment I’m studying two courses, writing this blog, writing a novel and trying to read at least one book a week. Having a lot of unfinished work can look pretty daunting and can often kill your motivation before you even begin.

It can be pretty hard having to juggle between tasks (especially if there’s no one forcing you to work!) You might prioritise on one task and then forget about another. Or you might do a dodgy job on all of the tasks because you’re rushing.

No matter what the outcome of your work is, the juggling lifestyle is never the most effective one.

What is the juggling lifestyle?

The juggling lifestyle is when you have too much on your plate and you have no idea where to start. Instead of sitting down and focusing on one or two tasks, you jump from task to task and never truly accomplish anything.

Some people can master juggling but not many. It’s a tricky art form.

It’s not something that you ever plan to do. If you have too much on your plate then you can often automatically find yourself juggling between these tasks.


Once you start juggling, it can be hard to stop but you’re productivity and quality of work may depend on it. I’ve been known to be a juggler in the past but I’m putting an end to that and focusing on the task at hand. Whatever that may be.

Have you ever had a juggling lifestyle and do you know how to get out of it? Or does the lifestyle work for you? Comment your opinion below.

-Chris Gutteridge


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