Next step finished!

Next step finished! After what feels like forever I have finally finished my Cert IV in Professional Writing and Editing! So what does this mean for me now?

I have no idea…

I literally have no idea what’s next. I have been going over my options for my next step carefully but I still don’t know what that step is.

Do I further my studies?

Do I continue to focus on my novel?

Or do I do something else entirely?

When there are so many different options how do you know which one is the right option?

Finding the right option:

With so many options out there, what can you do to find the right one for you? Where do you start?

Determine your end goal

Where do you want your choices to take you? Which option is going to help get you there?

That’s the number one factor you need to consider when reviewing your options. What will help you achieve your end goal.

It might not always be the easiest solution but if you have a goal in mind then your course of action is generally a lot clearer.


If you’re like me then you have a million and one things that you want to try out in your life. I’ve always thought about learning how to code; or learning another language; or even making my own board games (still working on that one)!

While all of these options would be awesome, they aren’t exactly going to help me improve my career.

Coding might be useful knowledge to have but will it help improve my career as a writer? Picking up French again would be cool but how would that advance my career?

My next step has to clearly improve my career.


With my next step finished I can finally see progress in my career as a writer but I am nowhere near the end goal. I have so many options of what to do next but first I need to take a step back. I need to redetermine my goal and prioritize towards it. That’s how I’m going to accomplish my goal of being a writer.

Does anyone else have any different opinions about how to find your next step? Post your comments below.

-Chris Gutteridge




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