The perks of studying online

In today’s day and age, we have so many choices for what we want to do with our lives and how we can make it happen. One modern perk that I’ve been taking advantage of is studying online.

I’m currently studying Cert IV in Professional writing and editing with Open Colleges and Cert IV in Ministry with Alphacrucis Colleges. Both courses are fully online and have been an incredibly different experience than what I’m used to but do the perks of studying online outweigh other tertiary education options?


  • Affordability

The courses themselves might not be that much cheaper than other options but when you factor everything in, online is the cheaper solution.

To start with, you don’t have to spend a fortune on driving or parking. This would save a lot more compared to studying at a university.


  • Convenience

Are you sick and tired of having to wake up at unnatural hours to drive to a class only to find yourself half asleep when you arrive? Well then, imagine waking up and turning on your computer and being at class already!

Another point for convenience is the schedule. I know that not every online course is like this but the two that I’m studying have no set schedule for lectures or classes. I can study when it’s convenient for me, as long as I get it done.


  • Flexibility

I know that not every course is the same but both of my courses are very flexible. Both courses don’t require more than five or six hours per week!

Being online means that I can study from anywhere that I want! As long as I have internet then I can study. I could study from the other side of the world if I really wanted to!


  • Range of study options

Are you still looking for the right course before you start studying? Well you’re in luck because every day more and more courses are being held online!

You can study a course in almost any degree online now. If I decided I wanted to study a course in agriculture or law, then I wouldn’t have to leave my computer!

There is a course suited to everyone online.



  • Less recognition

A lot of companies don’t always accept the validity of studying online. You may have studied the same material but if you don’t have a high profile university name on your certificate then it can be hard to find work in some industries.

That’s not every company though. Most companies now accept online education as a valid source of tertiary education.


  • Lack of colleagues and peers

Studying online can get pretty lonely. Instead of being in a class full of your fellow students, you’re staring at a computer screen. Online courses do have collaboration with other students but not to the degree that you would with a university.

Universities are also where you make some of your closest friends. Studying online doesn’t give you that same opportunity.


  • Motivation

Having as much freedom as I have with my studying can really test your motivation. With no one forcing you to study, it can be really hard to stay motivated with your work.

Studying at a university, as much as you might hate it, gives you the motivation to keep going with your studies. Online studying can sometimes kill your motivation.


There are a lot of different pros and cons to weigh up when looking for a new course. If you’re looking for freedom and convenience with your studying, then It would be hard to pass up on studying online but that’s just my opinion. What do you prefer studying online or in a university/college?

-Chris Gutteridge


2 thoughts on “The perks of studying online

  1. Claire says:

    I love studying online! Us onliners get to study where-ever whenever. That means we can work when everybody else is at university and we could literally study on the top of a mountain or in a grand old church (with permission of course). Who needs friends?

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