How to stay positive

Today I was supposed to be speaking at my youth group. I was at the church, all set up and ready to go, patiently waiting for everyone to turn up. I kept on waiting… and waiting. After about half an hour we realised that no one was going to turn up and decided to call it a day. This can sometimes happen when you’re part of a small group, whether it’s a youth group or people reading your blog, but how do you stay positive when no one turns up or reads your writing?

Occasionally having no one turn up is just a part of being a youth leader, it happens to every group. Numbers always fluctuate. It’s always easy to have a good outlook during the peak periods but how do you keep that same attitude during the low periods?

How do you do it?

It’s not an easy question to answer and there are probably many different answers. But it’s a question that everyone will have to answer in one way or another. How do you stay positive if you aren’t seeing any progress with what you’re doing?

You can keep doing what you’re doing and hope for more attendees or views (sometimes all you need is a little patience) or you can find a new angle. Maybe there is something that you could be doing differently? Maybe there’s a more effective strategy?

It’s always tempting to reflect on the past and try to use that as a template and while getting ideas and inspiration from past successes is a good idea, you have to treat each opportunity as a new opportunity. Times change and we have to change with them.

To answer my earlier question; how do you keep the same attitude during the low periods? You change your environment. If you’re outlook is better when you have a blog being visited or a full youth group, then do what you can to make that happen. Even striving towards that will improve your outlook.

No one starts something with the intention of failing but nothing has ever really failed until we give up on it. Staying positive is key to the success of your craft and your outlook will change everything. If you find that your outlook is being altered by your situation, then do what you can to change your situation.

-Chris Gutteridge

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