The Power of introverts

I’m the biggest introvert I know, anyone I know can vouch for that. I always considered my introversion to be one of my biggest flaws. I always had the impression that ┬áit was better to be outgoing and extroverted. That was until I saw a TED talk on the Power of introverts that completely changed my mindset…

The Power of introverts

The Power of introverts by Susan Cain is one of the best TED Talks I’ve seen in a long time! And I’ve seen quite a few recently.

Susan Cain is a Wall Street Lawyer who, like me, was always under the impression that it was better to be extroverted. She was always forced to be someone that she wasn’t, going back to when she was a child.

Susan has written a book on the subject (which I am yet to read) called the Quiet Revolution.

Susan does a brilliant job of empowering introverts through her work. Empowering introverts is something that society has always undervalued which has always been at their loss.

Undervaluing introverts

Cain points out in her TED talk that the biggest area that introverts are undervalued in is the school system. And she’s completely right!

I remember back in my school days, I constantly felt the need to be more outgoing and more talkative than I was.

Schools focus almost exclusively on group work and extroverts rather than independent creative work. While learning how to work together is an invaluable skill to have, so is learning to work on your own and relying on your own creativity.

This is where introverts, like myself, truly shine. Not in large, loud groups but by ourselves, somewhere quiet. Us creatives work better when we can be alone and process our thoughts.

All of my best work has been done at home by myself, when there’s no one around to distract me.

Society has always favoured the man of action rather than the man of contemplation, hence the emphasis on extroverts. But who favours the introverts?


Introverts are an integral part of our society; we’re the thinkers, the mathematicians, the planners. Being an introvert has always had a negative stigma about it. And that stigma needs to be broken!

Introverts need to realise that it is alright to be quieter than everyone else, to be a thinker. We need more thinkers!

I love the work that Susan Cain has been doing and I hope that she continues to do it. We need more Susan’s! We need more leaders willing to empower introverts rather than shun them.

Do you agree that introverts are shunned in society? Comment below.

P.S here’s the link to The Power of introverts TED talk


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