Why be a writer?

Writing is not an easy job, although some people would disagree with that, it really isn’t easy. Writing, especially creative writing, is an extremely personal and difficult occupation. To be able to bare your soul on a page and then put it on display for the world to see; it’s not for everyone. You might be asking ‘If writing is so hard then why do it?’  and I wouldn’t blame you for asking. So why be a writer?

A lot of people in the professional world don’t accept creative writing as an occupation. They have a mistaken image of a lazy slob who sleeps in until 1 then types at a typewriter for 10 minutes before giving up and going back to bed. Some writers can be like that, to be honest some days I can feel a bit like that, but that is a bad representation of writers.

It can be hard to push through and stay motivated as a writer. We all need a reason to keep going and to keep us motivated. For me my reasons to keep going are also the reasons why I started. Here are my top reasons for being a writer.


  1. I have a story to tell

Have you ever read a book and then thought to yourself, ‘I could write that’? I am constantly finding myself doing that when I read, not because I think I’m better than them but because I want to be like them.

I have always loved to tell stories; it’s a part of who I am; I’m sure that a lot of you can relate to that. I always have characters and stories brewing in the back of my mind and I’m constantly seeing things around me and thinking that that would make a good story. Writing is how I clear my head of these stories and characters. The longer I wait and let these stories brew, the stronger the urge to write them.


  1. I love to write

I’m not a public speaker. I’m not an outgoing person. I’m a writer. I sit at my desk and I write. Writing, to me, is how I express myself; it’s how I communicate. Writing has gone from a form of expression to a passion of mine. Having a passion is one thing but nurturing it into a career is another.

The power to be able to manipulate words on a piece of paper isn’t a talent that should be taken lightly. If you have it and you have a passion for it, then don’t let it go to waste.


  1. I want to stand out from the crowd

I want to be recognised for my work. I want everyone to know who I am and what I do; not because I want to be famous or anything like that but because I want everyone to experience my stories and writing the way that I do.

I know that the odds are low that I’ll ever become a mainstream author such as Tom Clancy or John Grisham but what’s stopping me from trying? Nothing! It doesn’t matter if I ever reach it or not; at least it gives me a life goal of becoming a mainstream author.

If you can relate to those three points, then have you considered the writers’ life? It might not be an easy life but it is a fulfilling one. If you can handle the rejection, doubt and everything else that comes along with being a writer, then you might just have wait it takes.

Is it worth taking the risk? Is it worth a life of financial insecurity, rejection, criticism? I’ve already made my decision but now the choice is yours; is it worth the risk?

-Chris Gutteridge

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