Worst book-movie adaptation

We’ve always seen our favourite books being adapted for the big screen and sometimes it works well and does justice to our favourite stories. But then there’s the times that book-movie adaptation just doesn’t work…

Recently I’ve been reading through the ‘Maze runner’ trilogy by James Dashner. The books are fantastic! I would definitely recommend them to anyone. But the movies on the other hand are a completely different story (almost literally with the second movie!).

The first maze runner movie starring Dylan O’Brien wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t as good as the book but it wasn’t bad. All of the changes were forgivable and overall it was an enjoyable movie. But the second one I had to turn off halfway through because it was so unbearably bad! Every aspect of the original book had been completely thrown out of the window and replaced with a weak and pointless story.

This terrible movie, also known as the ‘Scorch Trials’ has already gone onto the list of my most hated book-movie adaptions and although I haven’t finished the movie yet, I can’t imagine it getting any better.

Book-movie adaptations rarely ever satisfy a reader and you always hear us saying afterwards that ‘the book was better’, which , to be honest, it generally is. Why is it that book-movie adaptions never satisfy us?

When we read, we create a mental image of every character and setting that we experience. A movie doesn’t give us that amount of freedom and we have to put up with whoever’s been cast as your favourite characters and the directors vision for the movie. Having this much power puts a lot of tension on the movie and it’s very easy for it to disappoint.

I think that it’s always harder for a director to create a movie that isn’t based on his own original work. I don’t think any less of the director but if they pull it off then I will normally think higher of them. The director has a mental vision for the final film. The author has a mentle vision for the book. If the two don’t line up together then you’re bound for disaster.

There have been many book-movie adaptations that I have been really disappointed in. The scorch trials is just one out of many and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Do you have a personal least favourite book-movie adaption? Post it below.

-Chris Gutteridge

4 thoughts on “Worst book-movie adaptation

  1. Michael says:

    By far the most disappointing is Eragon! Such a beautifully crafted story completely let down by the movie! Stormbreaker would definitely tail closely behind! Also the hobbit. Not so much that the movie was bad, quite the contrary, but I found that I had to distance myself from the novel to watch them. The complete change of storyline did not do my 7 year old self’s imagination justice!

    1. Chris Gutteridge says:

      All of those movies are definitely on my top 10 least favourite list! Especially Eragon!
      The hobbit, to me, felt like it was dragged out a bit and yeah I definitely agree with you.
      Thanks for sharing, Michael

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